Having PCOS!

After my previous post, I wanted to explain PCOS, what it is and how it affects me on a daily basis. I want to do this because, I presume, a lot of people don’t know what this condition is and this surprises me because of how many women suffer everyday.

First things first, I have no idea why I have this condition. I don’t know what caused it, if it was genetic, something to do with my diet, if I was prone to it anyway or if it was the contraception I’ve been on over the years.

Personally, I think its the latter as, up until two years ago, I had been on many forms of different contraception which stopped my cycle, started my cycle and messed up my cycle. I’m sure there are other factors which would have impacted it but who knows, I’m not a doctor.  Also, I have no family members that have this (that they are aware of) so I don’t think its genetic.

This is a link to the NHS (UK National Health Service) website to tell you a little more from a medical perspective: www.nhs.uk/conditions/Polycystic-ovari…

Basically, PCOS is not just having cysts on your ovaries. Many women have this condition but have no cysts at all. This is because its pretty much all about having an excess of hormones and what these hormones do to your body.

These are the symptoms which I suffer with on a daily basis:

  • I have thinning hair on my head but excessive hair growth on my legs etc (which is really annoying)
  • I suffer with quite bad acne to the point where people think I’m like 16 and not 23. Its not as bad as some people but its there and bothers me because it causes scars and scabs etc.
  • I don’t know if I will be getting my period from one month to the next and, if I do, they are so painful that I physically can’t cope without strong painkillers, a hot bottle or a red hot shower.
  • I struggle so much to lose weight. I’m currently at a weight that I like but I should really lose some more. This is easier said than done because my body struggles to process the sugars in food etc.
  • I have unexplained mood swings. I could be driving in my car singing a long to music as happy as Larry (who the hell is Larry) and BOOM the next minute I hate everyone and life and I will cry uncontrollably!
  • I am more prone to diabetes because of PCOS so goodbye snacking on chocolate and biscuits (although sometimes I do binge, then regret it straight away! Oops!)

I’m not saying I suffer as bad as other women with this condition because I know for a fact it could be much much worse but that doesn’t mean that the issues I suffer with don’t affect me in a negative way.

I live with this everyday and I have taught myself how to manage it for now but I am still learning. Most of the time I know what I can and can’t eat, what products to use on my face and how to manage my moods if I can feel myself getting low.

If anyone reads this and has any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll respond. Like I’ve said, I’m not an expert but I hope this helps some one to feel like they aren’t alone or make that important trip to the GP to test for this.

Be kind & keep smiling.


J x


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